The Surfboard
Rental Station

A surfboard rental company for when
you just don't want hassle. Check out
our beach side locations!


Our SurfPods around San Diego are the ideal way to rent a surfboard without hassle. With the SurfUp app you scan the QR code at the SurfPod and create an account to get surfing in no time!


We're a startup founded by MBAs from UCSD's Rady School of Management. Our goal is to get the 65 million people that want to get into the ocean catching waves, well, into the ocean and catching waves!


Award Winning Night for SurfUp!

SurfUp wins the Audience Choice Award at the Rady StartR Demo Day! We ended the year with yet another exciting opportunity. As recent alumni of UCSD's StartR accelerator program, SurfUp was invited to take the stage alongside other startups during their Demo Day. The automated surfboard rental station concept was presented to an audience of nearly 200 with a chance at winning a cash prize.

Starting the School Year Strong!

SurfUp welcomed UCSD students to the Triton family during the highly anticipated Meet the Beach event, with nearly 3,000 students in attendance! They were excited to be among the first official customers to interact with the innovative SurfPod.